Gest House

The only place where visitors can experience the most comfortable time

As guest house is nestled in the woods about halfway up the low hill in Shigaraki, visitors can see dawn/sunrise/sunset/twilight/dusk, and beautiful colors of trees and flowers as they change from season to season and also feel the cool breeze and rustling sound of leaves in the trees.


  At the guesthouse, one can immerse oneself in "Pottery making" at the workshop, enjoy "World of pottery" at the gallery, feel the "Air of Shigaraki" at Salon where overlooking scenery is clear and distinct with four different seasons, and take part in "discussion with the craftsman potter". Only this place can offer you all these activities.

Pottery workshop

Our workshop is well equipped with electric potter's wheel, manual potter's wheel (4 electric potter's wheels) in addition to hand work in Tatara course mentioned above. At a time, 20 artists (visitors) can indulge themselves in pottery making without any problem.


Cypress wooden bath

Simple lodging facilities

Visitors can use the lodging facilities in our day suites. Guests can luxuriate on "Pottery making" any number of days/hours.

Japanese-style room

Living room

From living room, guests can have panoramic view of distinct mountain range and traditional potteries while making pottery and can easily forget their fatigue.


Guests can make themselves at home and use the living room.


The art pieces of the professional pottery artists Kenzo Ogawa and Norikazu Ogawa are exhibited at the gallery.


 If you like any of them, please go ahead and buy them.

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Kenzo Ogawa Pottery House Co., Ltd.

 755-1, Shigarakicho Nagano, 

 Kouga City, Shiga Prefecture,

529-1851, Japan



Open ten am to five pm.


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