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Location and Access

Kenzo Ogawa Pottery House Co., Ltd.


 755-1, Shigarakicho Nagano,  Kouga City, Shiga Prefecture,529-1851, Japan






 Business hours:  10:00~17:00




Parking space available for 8 vehicles.


On JR West Japan, take Kusatsu line from "Kusatsu" and get down at "Kibukawa Station".
At "Kibukawa Station", change to Shigaraki Kougen Railway and get off at "Shigaraki Station"   

Approximately 20 minutes on foot


Shin-Meishin Expressway Shigaraki Interchange (15min)

Meishin Expressway Seta-Nishi Interchange (30 min)

Meishin Expressway Ritto Interchange (30 min)

電 車

Route to the guest house

1.Take the road beside the "Sign-stand (direction board)" along Kamamotosansakuro.

Once you find the sign-stand (direction board) "Kenzo Ogawa Pottery House" along Kamamotosansakuro, get into the road beside the sign-stand (direction board).

Take the asphalt road and go straight.

(Regular vehicles can

also take this road)

2.Turn left on the road opposite to Sign-stand (direction board)

After walking for a while, you will find direction board "Kenzo Ogawa Pottery House".


Turn left on the road opposite to Sign-stand (direction board)P


*You will find a long and slope street.

(Regular vehicles can

also take this road)


automobile park

3.Once you reach Kenzo Ogawa Pottery House (workshop of the potters), please utter some voice.

If you are coming on the long/slope road, you will find Kenzo Ogawa Pottery House(workshop of the potters) on your right side.

Before going to guest house, please drop-in Kenzo Ogawa Pottery House.

*People coming in their vehicles, kindly park their vehicles at "Parking lot" present adjacent to workshop.

4.Take the steps near workshop that takes you to an open space

At the workshop, you can find steps. 

 Please take those steps.

You will find an open space. Please go ahead and pass through the street.

5.Take left near bamboo grove.

If you pass through this open space, you will find a bamboo grove.


Take left and pass the bamboo grove.



6.Take the steps and reach the guest house!

Take steps after passing through the bamboo grove.


You will find the guest house immediately after climbing the steps.

Guest house entrance

First floor: Workshop for the guest

Second floor: Gallery

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Kenzo Ogawa Pottery House Co., Ltd.

 755-1, Shigarakicho Nagano, 

 Kouga City, Shiga Prefecture,

529-1851, Japan



Open ten am to five pm.


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