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Company overview

Company name  :  Kenzo Ogawa Pottery House Ltd.

Representative    :  President Norikazu Ogawa

Establishment     :  May, 1993

Location               :  

755-1, Shigarakicho,Nagano, Kouga City, Shiga Prefecture, 529-1851, Japan

About home for Shigaraki-ware

Shigaraki-ware dates back to mid-Kamakura period (13th century).


There is a wide variety of products from larger articles such as water jug, pot, tea jar, tea utensils, sake bottle, brazier (hibachi), and flower pot to smaller articles.


Present Shigaraki-ware still has its uniqueness "Wabi (austere refinement) and Sabi (quiet simplicity, patina)".


Shigaraki-ware has traditionally a long history and was designated as traditional artifact by the Japanese Government in the year 1976 and production area of Shigaraki-ware has become well-known in entire Japan as pottery village.

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Kenzo Ogawa Pottery House Co., Ltd.

 755-1, Shigarakicho Nagano, 

 Kouga City, Shiga Prefecture,

529-1851, Japan



Open ten am to five pm.


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