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Experience the art of pottery

About the plan "Experience the art of pottery"

 Select from 3 courses listed below:

"Electric potter's wheel course", "Hand work course", "Tatara course".

Electric potter’s wheel course

Soil is put exactly at the center of the Electric potter's wheel.


You (as potter) get your hands wet with water so that you can slip your wet hands smoothly on the soil, and pots/bowls are made on the Electric potter's wheel.


It is a suitable method to make these art pieces based on Solid of revolution. This results in pottery with a smooth appearance.

Takes approximately 1 hour to complete.

Hand work course

Handwork is done using manual potter's wheel to make the pottery.


Pottery using manual potter's wheel, is made with similar principle "Solid of revolution" as in Electric potter's wheel.


However, the pottery made using manual potter's wheel will have feel of hand-made adding a unique flavor to the appearance of the pottery when compared to beautiful pottery produced using electric potter's wheel.

Takes approximately 1.5 to 2 hours to complete.


Tatara course

Clayware in “Tatara course” is made in various shapes using board shaped clay.


Square shaped or deformed shaped pottery etc. that cannot be formed on potter's wheel can be made.


Since only hand is used here, this course will bring on the texture of hand work. Also, it will show the personality of the potter.

Takes approximately 1.5 hours to complete.

From finish to delivery of clayware

Once you finish the above work, you can select any one of the 6 types of glaze that matches with your art of work.


And then, we will follow the below work to have a finished product, which will be delivered to the address given by our guest.

"Dry → Plane → Biscuit Firing → Glazing → Glost Firing → removing pots from Kiln".

(Postage charges will be borne by the guest)

*All the above-mentioned six processes are necessary and it may take 1 month of time to reach the finished product.


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 Kouga City, Shiga Prefecture,

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Open ten am to five pm.


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