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Shigaraki Kenzo Pottery Art Club


"Shigaraki Kenzo Pottery Art Club" is a club that gives an opportunity to experience the freedom at "craft place" and enriches the mind with rendezvous with all sorts of people through pottery making.


One can become absorbed in throwing a pot on a potter's wheel by working the soil while enjoying the beautiful mountains and streams, clear air, sweet water of Shigaraki with excellent feeling of reality of this nature. 


It would make us happy if you can experience the making of these types of pottery in "Shigaraki Kenzo Pottery Art Club".






Pottery art experience (One-day course)    : Pottery-making 5,000 yen


Pottery art experience (short stay course) : 1 night 13,000 Yen

                         (including Cost for making pottery)

Three special features of Shigaraki Kenzo Pottery Art Club

1.Experience the art of pottery with genuine raw materials

We use the original blend of soil that is being used by the pottery artists for producing these works of art.


We would be very happy if you can experience the depth of the pottery art by indulging yourself in pottery using this superior quality soil.


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  「Experience the art of pottery at Pottery Art Club

2.Support from traditional craftsman pottery artist

We make every effort to ensure that your comfortable stay is memorable and ascertain the lectures on pottery making and discussion on pottery art with our traditional Shigaraki-ware craftsman pottery artists, "Kenzo Ogawa" and "Norikazu Ogawa".


This course is available for all the visitors from novice to veterans in pottery art.



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  「Pottery artist profile

  「Experience the art of pottery at Pottery Art Club

3.Guest house's environment that makes visitors

   immerse themselves in the world of pottery art.

At guest house, visitors can feel pottery art from different aspects like create, see and use


 ・Pottery workshop

        (Ground floor)
   ・Gallery (First floor)
   ・Living and Dining

     Kitchen with cooking

          facility, salon space that

          has a bird’s-eye view of

         scenery of Shigaraki.


 ・Simple lodging facilities

         Cypress wooden bath,

         Japanese-style room

        Enjoy the world of pottery

       art to your heart's content!

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        「EGust House

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Kenzo Ogawa Pottery House Co., Ltd.

 755-1, Shigarakicho Nagano, 

 Kouga City, Shiga Prefecture,

529-1851, Japan



Open ten am to five pm.


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